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8 & 9 SEPT 2020


Element One Launches the FOLD!

The FOLD! is German motorised-screen manufacture Element One’s latest creation. It’s a motorised extendable monitor screen with a revolutionary design, and can be installed in any scenario where a computer monitor or screen would traditionally be used, such as in an office, reception desk or meeting room with the added benefit of being able to be automatically stowed neatly away inside furniture when not required. When in operation this stylish retractable monitor exits the desk in a near silent <40dB mechanical movement, driven by two whisper-quiet and precise stepper motors. Once extended, it hovers over the table surface like a tablet.

The original design concept of the FOLD! was born out of the ever increasing use of touch-screen display technology. Traditionally, vertical motorised screens sufferer from the fact that the distance of the screen was governed by the need to accommodate enough leg room for the user. All other motorised-screens on the market end up to one degree or another having their function compromised due to being too far away from the user to make touch-screen operation comfortable. The FOLD! solves this problem by letting the screen come to you!

So goes the futuristic looking FOLD! Like a robotic arm pointing forward and hovering at any desired angle for the best viewing experience. Equipped with a touch-screen display, it can also be used like a tablet either as a single device or as part of a media-technology solution, with all the functionality and security features required to deliver the level of privacy needed for an office, concierge desk or conference room due to its unique ability to be retracted. The FOLD! uses a standard HDMI input, so it can easily be connected to any device like a computer, server or even a DVD player and features TCP/IP control so the FOLD!’s functions and operation can be controlled remotely either individually, or as part of a complete AV system. With a 17.3" touch-screen it’s also larger than a conventional tablet, and due to its size offers a much more comfortable and versatile field of view, not forgetting  it’s revolutionary articulated design that means it’s the first of its kind in the world!

Given its precise and beautifully crafted optics made from wafer-thin milled anodized aluminum and tempered glass, the FOLD! has the ability to appeal to all the senses. The functional capabilities of the FOLD! also facilitate very effective communication, and lead to an overall positive user experience, with the increased work efficiency this brings.

“Offices and meeting rooms are not only defined by their functionality, just as importantly they are places where people meet. Therefore, in addition to the versatility of the audio-visual technology within the room, it’s appearance plays a special role” Explains Thorsten Nees, Managing Director of ELEMENT ONE Multimedia GmbH. And goes on to say “At Element One, our monitors combine both impeccable design & technical standards with an aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic user experience. When in operation, the smooth mechanical movement of our new FOLD! monitor is simply sublime.”

As well as Element One products being beautifully crafted from the finest materials, the company's uncompromising design philosophy incorporates the need for all products to have a low overall power consumption and be free from pollutants. Element One have recently opened their first office in London.

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