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8 & 9 SEPT 2020


Key benefits for hotels shifting to cloud solutions

The cloud is the new trend for hoteliers looking for rapid and efficient management solutions. The increasing dominance of online distribution retailers, online social media and government requirements have helped reshape competition in the hotel industry and hotel strategies. 

What is the value added for hoteliers switching over to only cloud-based solutions? Here is an overview of 5 key benefits. 

1. Security

As you may put your money under your mattress or in your bank witch such confidence, you may store your data on your personal laptop or in a secured data centre with daily storage. It is a place for you to keep your data safe, in a highly secured environment. 

2. Collaborative platform

Your accounting can have access to your financial reports, all that is needed is a login and a password. Your retailers can also have access to your system to book directly, with there being no need for you to get involved in the process of reservation. Your business is also updated automatically and at the end of the day you gain time, efficiency and security.

3. Fast Deployment and flexibility

Cloud solutions get rid of many collaboration and infrastructure limitations; system deployment can be done in a much shorter time in comparison to traditional local solutions. Many organizations adopting cloud systems aim to gain total control on their operations using flexible and scalable IT solutions. The major challenge for providers today is to meet integration with third parties and comply with government requirements.

4. Efficiency and mobility

While some hoteliers are hesitating about using only cloud solutions because they fear servers will break down, hoteliers adopting the cloud are seeking efficiency in managing their business. Shared platforms with role restricted permission are accessible from every connected device offering a collaborative interface. It is an opportunity for managers to have a global insight without being involved in daily operations and mutualize competencies to run several businesses at the time. 

5. Economic value 

As no expensive investments in computing infrastructure are necessary, data is stored in cloud servers permitting high level of security, privacy, and data recovery. Cloud based solutions do not require local installation and no specific material is needed. Most of cloud-based providers offer a whole package including system maintenance, hotline and automatic updates without user’s involvement. From a tax side, as you don’t need to acquire your system, you can easily deduct your yearly investment from your tax.

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