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8 & 9 SEPT 2020


Understanding What Type of Bed Is Best For Your Hotel

When it comes to choosing the type of bed for your hotel, there is a lot more to it than you may initially think. The first step of any buying process is seeking out a supplier that deals with contract furniture. Any commercially used furniture must adhere to Source 5/Crib 5 regulations. In a nutshell, this ensures that any furniture you use is to pass the BS 6807 flame retardant test.

Once a supplier has been sounded out, there are many types of bed frames you may which to consider. 

Zip & Link

Zip & Link beds prove to be one of the most sought after within the hospitality industry due to their versatility. Each zip & link base has the ability to split into two single beds at a moments notice, allowing you to change the dynamic and usage of a room within seconds. Zip & link mattresses offer total independent support, allowing for a comfortable and restful sleep for both users. You can up the versatility of these bed bases by adding storage options or a guest under-bed, allowing you to maximise the space within your hotel room.


Divan beds have the option of coming in all bed sizes, giving you a solid feel to any room if you do not require to rearrange the room. Both the headboard and mattress will come without any split down the middle, giving a complete feel to the bed. Storage options are always available with divan bases, as there is much room to take advantage of within the solid foundations of the bed frame - even guest beds can be introduced into the base itself to give any room more flexibility when it comes to occupancy.


Wooden bed frames tend to offer a more traditional aesthetic and comes in all shapes and sizes. From budget options, to high end 4-poster luxury, there is always a frame suitable for you. Wooden frames lack the flexibility of divan and zip & link beds which can deter hoteliers. 


Metal bed frames are hard-wearing in design and are perfect for city B&B’s, busy hostels and student accomodation. Available in all sizes and are easily assembled, allowing you to set up a room quickly. Metal beds tend to have ample space underneath the frame, suitable for storage of suitcases. 


Upholstered contract bed frames can offer an elegant style to any bedroom. Usually accompanied by a large headboard, fabric frames generally come in a large array of colours allowing you to find any fabric frame that will match your existing decor. Fabric frames tend to be lower to the floor than metal frames which can cause issues if storage space is required. 


Guest beds are perfect for rooms that are lacking in space where you want to maximise occupancy. Guest beds come with an easy to roll out mattress which is perfect for both adults and children. Each guest bed is seamlessly stored underneath the main bed frame for when it’s not in use. 


Bunk beds are wildly popular within city hostels and student accomodation. These frames are best for maximising your space in regards to occupancy. Traditionally seen as two single beds stacked on top one another, there are frames available as a ‘triple sleeper’ bunk which has a double bed on the bottom and a single mattress on top. 

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