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19 & 20 October 2022


Far-UVC – Making Occupied Spaces Safe From Pathogens…

Hotels, restaurants, café’s, office buildings and even homes have been affected by the recent pandemic events caused by the Coronavirus and its various mutations. The expense of keeping hotels safe has been significant and also unsustainable. 

Far-UVC is the very latest technology replacing UVC decontamination systems, disinfection sprays, air filtration UV systems and fogging by providing state of the art ceiling lamp fittings, mobile wand decontamination systems and access systems.

Already installed in some Costa Coffee (Scoffs Group) outlets, convenience stores and medical centres, our FarSafe™ Far-UVC 222nm products enable continuous decontamination and neutralisation of pathogens such as Coronavirus, SARs and the Influenza (Flu) virus both on surfaces and airborne.

“One of the great features of this technology is that after it’s installed, unlike other covid related precautions such as mask wearing and sanitisation, there's no further action required. It’s just discreetly doing its job.” - Rebecca Elliot, On the Installation of Far-UV lamps by UEC at Costa Coffee outlets

See the full video on YouTube here

Far-UVC is a particular wavelength of UV light which has been proven to be harmless to human eyes and skin and can therefore be used in occupied spaces such as hotel rooms, cafes, restaurants, hotels and many other places.

Far-UVC technology has been incorporated into our other products including a Far-UVC access gate and portable hand-held Wand which is ideal for small spaces such as toilets, vehicles and storage spaces.

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