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19 & 20 October 2022


Show guests and staff how much you care about their well-being

The international hotel industry has been devastated by the pandemic. In the short term, hotel operators are entirely focused on finding safe ways to reopen, but even if the pandemic draws to a close quickly following a successful vaccine rollout, there will be a long-lasting lack of guest confidence. 

With most hotels preparing to open their doors again from 3rd December 2020, the challenge for operators is how to reassure guests that their health and well-being is taken care of, without negatively impacting their overall experience. 

Some hotels have already initiated emergency COVID-19 response protocols and have introduced regular deep-cleaning of soft surfaces such as carpets and upholstery and hightouch surfaces like elevator buttons and public washrooms. This is all well and good, but unless you have cleaners on show 24 hours a day, which is both expensive and would be intrusive to the guest experience, it is very hard to convey to customers just how much time, money and effort has been invested into their safety and wellbeing. 

An innovation recently introduced to the UK has been designed to help combat this issue for hotel operators. PullClean, by OpenClean Technologies, is an integrated hand sanitiser dispenser door handle, which has proven to increase hand hygiene compliance rates by more than 50%*. 

Because the handles are in line of sight in some of the most heavily trafficked areas of your operation, they are a visible and constant reminder that in these uncertain times, well-being is high on your agenda. 

Fewer people follow the World Health Organisation’s guidelines on washing hands correctly than you might expect, and research has shown that with warm water and soap and even the provision of wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers in washrooms, hand hygiene compliance is still only 24.5%*.

Whether someone has washed their hands in the correct way, or perhaps not at all, brings immediate risk to everyone around them. There is nothing more threatening than someone who believes they have clean hands, when in fact they are heavily contaminated with pathogens, picked up from the washroom or from touching an unclean surface. 

PullClean Handles are the most visible and effective way your hotel can show it cares for the well-being of your customers and staff, day in, day out.

Since the launch of PullClean in the United States approximately 6 years ago, there are now over 4000 handles in operation across many of the world’s leading brands and institutions, including Westin Resorts, Marriott, Hilton Hotels, the Beaumont Mayfair and Oxford University. 

The PullClean system dispenses the perfectly measured pearl of medical grade sanitiser gel direct to the palm of the hand and leaves hands feeling clean, soft, and protected. 


PullClean is recommended for use in the most heavily trafficked areas including: 

  • All washroom exit doors where the presence of bacteria can be ten times greater than other surfaces.
  • All doors leading into kitchen, dining, or food preparation areas.
  • Doors leading into a conference area or meeting room.
  • Entrance doors to main reception or public meeting areas

PullClean has been awarded the coveted ‘pencil’ at the D&AD product design awards and nominated for an Ivy Award, Edison Award and Fast Company Better by Design Award. 

OpenClean Technologies has recently been backed by the UK Government Innovation Agency for sustainable product design.

Revolutionise your hand sanitisation and show customers and staff how much you care by calling OpenClean today on 0345 0 737396 or email Matt Tuffee directly at to book a product demonstration. 


Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Systems – OpenClean


*AmericanJournal of Infection Control from the John Hopkins Medical Institute