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19 & 20 October 2022


Role Of Housekeeping Products In Improving Guest Service Experience During Covid-19

Housekeeping products, although an important part of guest experience, are always in the background of hotel operations. Honestly, no one gives a second thought about housekeeping trolleys and bins except for hotel operations managers.

They know the importance of those cleaning and housekeeping products when it comes to guest experience and safety.  The recent COVID-19 outbreak has forced entire HORECA industry to think about safety of their clients which is delivered by safe and efficient use of housekeeping products. Cleaning trolleys, dispensers and bins now play a more important part as guest safety is in prime focus.

Our company always focused on quality and safety. Our products use stainless steel which reduces chances of virus activities by 50% when compared with normal plated metal surface according to various research conducted by leading medical bodies. This may cost more but improves safety of guests which is priceless.  

We offer a range of housekeeping products needed in safe operation of hospitality functions.  Our housekeeping trollies and linen carts are made durable stainless steel which plays an important part in risk mitigation.  Our research team constantly develops new designs while keeping in focus the importance of quality and safety.  Our products, although remains in background, play an important part in improving guest experience.  

We do offer custom branding and logo engraving services, a part often overlooked by our competitors.  We believe that logo is important for improving brand visibility and communication.  Our utility products from indoor dustbins to conference podium, all have prominent space for customer logo which helps them amplify their brand identity.  Currently, we are focusing on developing designs that minimize touching surfaces thus reducing spread of harmful microbes.


We are also offering LED mirrors for use in bathrooms. LED is energy efficient alternative which aligns with our philosophy of greener, sustainable development.  We focus on quality and safety which makes our products different from others.