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19 & 20 October 2022


Saving your business money on crucial utility costs

In the current climate, cost-saving has never been more important. With the hospitality industry facing months of uncertainty, Energy Direct is working with restaurant, hotel and bar managers and owners to ensure they are saving money and getting the very best deals on their gas and electricity.

Clarity is key when dealing with business energy, and with over 20 years of experience in the sector Energy Direct works to take the hassle out of organising utility matters, making sure that customers understand exactly what they’re paying for and why.

Ensuring the smooth running of a bar, hotel or restaurant will always be the top priority, and sorting out utilities can sometimes be an extra unwanted task. This is why Energy Direct works to make the entire process as efficient as possible.

The business has a team of experienced energy consultants who are only ever a phone-call away. However, another incredibly impressive part of the company’s service is within its digital offering.

The company has two online platforms that are miles ahead of its competitors, allowing its hospitality customers to save time and money when managing their utility matters. 

These two platforms are:

Scan ‘n’ Quote:

With comparison sites providing thousands of confusing results, Energy Direct has developed the Scan ‘n’ Quote system. 

By inputting the company’s contact information to the website ( and uploading a business energy bill, the platform will search through all of Energy Direct’s trusted suppliers and e-mail through the top three deals for the business ranked in order. 

This has already saved companies thousands of pounds on their energy bills, let alone hours of time scouring the internet for deals and comparisons.


This platform has been designed for businesses to ultimately maximise savings on their utilities. Taking the form of an online dashboard, Yourtilities allows an individual to manage energy across multiple sites.

Instead of ‘estimated billing’ the platform comes with a handy app that allows staff to upload meter readings from anywhere in the country. These will automatically appear in the dashboard and be sent straight to the company’s gas or electricity suppliers.

In addition to this the platform allows businesses to monitor energy consumption, noting when there are particular peaks and troughs. It also enables the user to review payments and balances with suppliers, and also receive renewal information as and when needed.

In these challenging times it's crucial to be financially efficient and seek out the best business deals wherever possible.  As the company’s services are even more in demand during this time, the full Energy Direct team is working remotely and can be reached through the office number on 0330 1249322 or by visiting