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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


DBR Hotels: the New Magazine for Hotel Designers and Managers

We’re excited to introduce DBR Hotels, the new digital magazine about hotel design and innovation. 

Free to read online on all devices, DBR Hotels brings you the latest hotel industry trends, concepts and designs in a stunning and accessible digital format. From innovative hotel concepts to inspired architecture, interiors to materials, and from guest management to dining, it takes a look at what’s hot in the hotel industry around the world. 

In the latest issue, the magazine takes a special focus on sustainability in hotels. You'll learn from designers to find out how they are integrating sustainable elements into hotel concepts to create more eco-friendly luxury experiences for guests, and explore some of the technological options that can help to reduce the environmental impact of hotels. 

In this issue, you can also check out some innovative hotel concepts built into re-claimed unused spaces, and take a look inside the world’s first hotel suite built entirely with vegan-friendly materials. Keeping an eye on trends around the globe, you can find out how Form Hotel Dubai lets guests personalise their stay, how the latest Urban Resort Concepts luxury hotel combines traditional Chinese design with a contemporary structure, and why the world wasn’t ready for Japan’s Henn-na robot hotel. 

DBR Hotels is brought to you by the team behind Design & Build Review, and is built on their extensive experience in covering the architecture and design industry. 

You can read it here for free in the web browser of any device.

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