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8 & 9 SEPT 2020


Smart Coverings

Why replace when you can upgrade?

Smart Coverings is offering a new product for the interior surfaces in hotels, Our range of 750 different architectural finishes cover doors, walls, bars, reception desks.
Now you no longer have to keep painting or worry about replacing those expensive room doors.

Smart Coverings will take care of it all Refurb Install & Maintain.

What is the product?
The product is a five layered PVC film and its extremely durable. The finishes are also smooth and textured so to look and feel it`s as genuine as the real thing. It also comes with all of the certifications including fire resistance scratch and water resistance.

What finishes are there?
Wood - Natural Stone - Metallic - Marble - Glitter - Fabric - Leather - Solid Colour

Why would my hotel benefit?
- Substantially cheaper than replacing
- Fast installation (so no room down time)
- Quality finish
- Warranty
- Certified
- Modern Styling

Where can it be used?
It can be used almost anywhere the product is limitless.
- Doors
- Lifts
- headboards
- Walls
- Ceilings
- Tables
- Bathrooms
- Bars
- Reception desks

we can supply samples free of charge or contact us for a sample installation.

Tel: 0345 646 0166

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