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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


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High-quality print and brand control made easy. At SBS, we`ve taken the time to bring together some of the best tech and most experienced people in the business, including a dedicated team of people working solely with the hotel sector. Imagine one of your hotels in the network wants to produce a poster to promote a specific event. The hotel emails your marketing team to request a poster design. Your team is busy, so they don`t get a chance to respond right away. This hotel needs to promote their event immediately, they create a design themselves. The result may not be ideal, or perhaps they turn to a local graphic designer to create a poster to display. The SBS experience At SBS we are your brand guardians, delivering your printed designs on time and within your budget. This reduces time, stress, and unnecessary expenditure. Most importantly it delivers you `peace of mind`. One of your team can access our online marketing portal. Here you can choose from a range of adaptable templates, all adhering to your brand guidelines. With a few clicks you will be able to enter the details of the event, add any images or icons and send your poster to print. This could include a single approval stage with your marketing team. The result is: Your Hotel is happy - they receive the poster they need on time. They feel empowered to market their hotel or unique event, rather than being reliant on a central marketing department that has to juggle similar requests from across the entire network. All of this allows central marketing to spend their time focusing on brand strategy, customer insight, creative expression and brilliant ideas, not print production and administration.

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