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19 & 20 October 2022


CMAC Group

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The UK’s leading ground transport and accommodation solution provider.  

Incorporated in 2007, CMAC has rapidly grown to become the go-to provider for both planned and demand responsive travel and accommodation requirements. 

CMAC was formed with a core focus to serve the business continuity industry, to move people out of an affected location quickly in the event of an invocation scenario. 

Now moving almost two million passengers per year, whilst accommodating many of these, CMAC is recognised as the answer to many companies’ logistical problems, successfully managing travel requirements that are complex, high intensity and demanding.  

Whilst most hotels have a building evacuation plan in place, sometimes alternative accommodation / transportation is needed, if the problem cannot be fixed quickly. 

CMACs Hotel Evacuation Plan 

In the unfortunate event of an emergency where guests need to be re-accommodated, CMAC respond with a full evacuation plan, providing transport / alternative accommodation at a rapid response rate.  

A Hotel Evacuation Plan will:  

  • Facilitate a rapid and effective response and recovery  
  • Protect guests and staff 
  • Protect your reputation and brand  
  • Ease pressure for hotel employees  
  • Support emergency services, should they be required 

CMAC has real people available 24/7/365 to provide a bespoke solution to any scenario. Central to CMAC’s operations is ensuring the availability of various vehicle types and suitable accommodation to meet the requirements of contracted clients at any given moment. CMAC’s extensive experience comprises a diverse range of scenarios, from accommodating an individual stranded passenger, to high-profile events such as the repatriation of over 40,000 Thomas Cook passengers. 

Utilising purpose-built software, CMAC have direct integrated access to an unrivalled network of over 4,000 approved UK transport suppliers and over 2,000 accommodation providers. The industry specific portals enable customers to book online in advance or at short notice, providing a supplier choice based on price or location. 

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