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19 & 20 October 2022



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Chlorisal will not leave a toxic residue and does not need rinsing. It can be used around food and does not taint foods.

Chlorisal can be applied directly or fogged into fine particles for larger areas. No PPE is required to use it and rooms do not need to be evacuated resulting in minimal business disruption.

Chlorisal is ideal for disinfecting the air, surfaces, and skin providing absolute confidence in the very highest standards of disinfection and sanitation without damaging you, your customers or the environment. As it works in seconds and does not leave a toxic residue, there is no need to rinse.

Chlorisal bottles, dispensers, and equipment are designed to be refilled. This helps to ensure consistency across multiple applications and sites while simplifying the supply and the storage, and keeps costs low.

Chlorisal is also suitable to be misted in rooms to disinfect the air. Chlorisal Misting Machines can be wall mounted and will neutralise airborne pathogens. When dispersed in the air, Chlorisal will create a pleasant and safer environment for all.

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