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4 & 5 October 2022


Travelling Without Renounce

Sustainability in everyday life and while traveling is getting more and more important. Movements like Fridays for Future reflect the fear and care of younger people for the environment and the well-being of our planet. The touristic industry is the fourth big industry worldwide bearing responsibility for the people working in it, for the environment and the local inhabitants in the destinations.

More and more people do not leave their environmental consciousness and social responsibility at home. When planning a vacation, they are looking for eco-friendly accommodations that care for their employees and have implemented a green philosophy. Green Pearls® is the link between the traveler and the destinations, a filter for eco-friendly vacation without compromises.

Besides being a label for sustainable tourism, Green Pearls® is an international information platform and a worldwide operating communication agency for sustainable tourism. The website introduces pioneers of green tourism, who support environmental protection and focus on social responsibility. The German company in Darmstadt unifies 86 handpicked, sustainable and unique places worldwide.

All Green Pearls® partners unite high standards, active environmentally friendly initiatives, as well as social commitment. “Those, who choose a vacation in a ‘green pearl’ travel consciously different and play an important part in contributing to make the world a little bit better. Our partners do not let sustainable certificates get dusty in their drawers – all perform countless contributions for the protection of natural resources, socially disadvantaged or the local community”, says the founder of Green Pearls, Stefany Seipp.

The collection shows the large diversity of different approaches to sustainability. Aspects such as environmental protection, local and authentic experiences, as well as social and cultural engagement are ranked in the so-called “Green Score”. This way, the guest transparently sees in which areas the “green pearls” are especially active. 

Part of the Green Pearls® requirements are a sustainability plan on management level, the use of seasonal and local ingredients in the kitchen, protection of flora and fauna, integration of the local community and fair wages for employees.

Interested travelers get insights of green places worldwide on the German and English websites The portfolio includes hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and destinations in 35 different countries. The readers get to know the members in regards to their green philosophy and are additionally inspired by the suggestions on the Green Travel Blog.

“Green Pearls” are distinguished with a high amount of individuality: a historical castle with Demeter vegetable garden in East Switzerland is promoted just as an Alice in Wonderland cocoon in Thailand or a hamlet in Piedmont. During a Green Pearls vacation, conscious travelers receive the chance to cross barriers, lend a hand or increase their green knowledge.

“Do good and talk about it”: The sustainable communication experts of the Green Pearls® team highlight the individual sustainable aspects of the Green Pearls partners through worldwide communication. News is shared via monthly newsletter, blogs, media trips, media events, roadshows as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn