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4 & 5 October 2022


First Hotels to Ban the Bottle

Many major players in the hospitality industry have opted to phase out single-use plastics products. This is easier said than done, especially for the potentially harmful PET water bottle, until now. Hearing statistics such as ‘32% of the 78 million tons of single-use plastic packaging produced annually is left to flow into our oceans’ is turning the heads of hotels and enforcing positive change for the planet.

The world’s largest hotel group JW Marriott decided after a test on Phuket that will save over 2 million single-use water bottles on the island in 2019. The Phuket-based start-up discovered a way to take moisture from the surrounding air and filter it into fresh drinking water which is then decanted into reusable glass bottles through cutting-edge technology. These revolutionary steps into a sustainable future have replaced more than 200,000 plastic bottles in Renaissance and JW Marriot hotels.

Talking of hotel giant’s, Hilton has announced a major sustainability drive, eliminating the use of 20 million plastic bottles across the EMEA region and decided to abolish the use of plastic water bottles in meeting rooms in the Benelux hotels which led to a reduction of 600,000 PET bottles per year. These are important and necessary steps, however not big enough according to the Belgian and Dutch Hilton hotels. 

Join the Pipe have replaced all plastic water bottles in receptions and in minibars with refillable alternatives, alongside tap stations located in hotel lobbies enabling guests to refill their bottles using the first affordable substituted single-use water bottles. 

A beautifully designed reusable water bottle, made of sugar, pre-filled with drinking water. Designed with the shape of your city skyline, making for an attractive to (re)use memento, keeping plastic waste to a minimum and a good souvenir to bring home and use regularly. London, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Birmingham and Gibraltar are just some of the city designs sold to Hilton, Accor, Marriott and KLM, with more cities waiting to be produced.

Join the Pipe also offers a range of easy to install bar taps, lobby taps, pool (outdoor) taps, with filters and coolers to make it easy for people to refill their bottles. According to the quality of your local water supply, the most sustainable water treatment technology is chosen to provide healthy, great tasting drinking water. 

The award-winning company Join the Pipe is also a charity organisation with branches in East and West Africa. 

Part of the income generated from our refill stations and multi-use bottles is used to set up drinking water projects in developing countries, bringing water to those without - click here to read about the projects we have helped set up.

For more information on Hilton Benelux first plastic-free hotel room click here.

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