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4 & 5 October 2022


Create a Memorable Guest Experience

Due to the increased competition of private renting platforms such as Airbnb, hoteliers have had to refresh their offering and create unique experiences, both in terms of service and aesthetics as they invest more money to create the most elegant rooms possible. There are many different ways hotels can create memorable stays for their guests, including...

Working With Designers That Specialise in Creating Beautiful Spaces 

Designers understand that every hotelier wants to stand out from their competition, and can offer this through working hand in hand incorporating the hotels signature into their design.

Attention to Detail 

In 2019 it’s common for hotels to want to make you feel at home rather than being in an unfamiliar environment. The services being offered have dramatically improved in recent years with simple yet impactful alternatives being offered, making guests feel more relaxed with discreet, yet functional attention to detail. There are plenty of minimal touches that can create a home-like experience, such as high-speed wireless internet, lots of outlets, natural lighting, quality in-room tea and coffee - all of which make the difference in creating a memorable guest experience.

Creating ‘Home Comforts’ 

Many hotels offer ‘home comforts’ such as Bluetooth speakers, minibars, connected TV’s and capsuled coffee with the intent of improving the guest experience, however, these become limited and therefore offering alternative services is crucial which can only be accessed through a guest room phone.

How Has Xenios Revolutionised the Hotel Phone? 

Hoteliers, with the rise of smartphone app’s, attempted to replace hotel room phones with their own app’s for guests to install on their phone… but is this DIY alternative really part of a high-level service? The use of hotel room phones changed with the mobile phone boom. Since hotel phones haven’t actually changed for over 20 years, some may say they no longer make sense with a rooms decor and costumers’ expectations when it comes to room service - but that’s not true. 

One brand understood that: Xenios. With the aim of providing a better guest experience and fit the new needs of hoteliers, Xenios launched a customisable phone. Offering a small footprint, USB port to charge smartphones, and much more, it has completely revolutionised the devices as we know them - the only thing that stayed the same is the keypad!

This communication hub created between guests and the services has been more than refreshed by Xenios, demonstrating a real renewal. We have turned the phone into a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing object of decoration to add to any hotel room ambience, courtesy of our wide palette of materials such as wood, leather, slate and Plexiglass. Each bespoke phone will be specific to every hotel and become a unique focal point to each suite like a beautiful piece of art. 

Article by Xenios | Website

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