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4 & 5 October 2022


Every Hotel Trend you Need to Know

It has never been more important for hoteliers to take note of trends and implement them effectively, yet seemingly effortlessly to impress hotel guests. Below are six design trends that are making a huge impact in the industry, and that could deliver consistent success for your hotel in the future and ponder the question, “what trend wave should we be riding?”

1. Sustainability  

Sustainable design is becoming more and more prominent as hoteliers understand the importance of offering eco-friendly solutions to their guests. The ambience that is created by sustainable design allows guests to have a more gratifying stay, whilst the aesthetics offer beautiful functionality. The industry has responded to changes and is progressively turning ‘greener’ with certain policies and practices that have been put into place to lower carbon footprints for such processes as recycling, waste prevention, reductions in energy usage, just to name a few. 

2. Foliage Design 

Sustainable trends and foliage design often cross trails as they both use natural elements, however for different reasons. Whilst sustainable design aims to create more eco-friendly buildings, foliage design links the relationship between nature and spaces which aims to boost creativity, improving focus, reducing stress and savour a more relaxed ambience resulting in happier guests. Foliage and green awareness is becoming increasingly mainstream, and hoteliers must realise that consumer demand is growing for spaces which meet these expectations. 

3. Industrial Style 

Industrial design rebels against modern design, offering a more old-school flavour such as neutral colour palettes, simplicity, minimalism and unexpected materials.  As a modern-day interpretation of a style which back-dates to the Industrial Revolution, inspired by conveyor belts and factory floors, the modern results are polished hotel designs which are rough around the edges. With industrial design becoming increasingly popular in recent years, hoteliers have understood the increased demand from guests for this old-world charm with a modern gleam.

4. Vintage Designs 

Hoteliers use vintage design as focal points to tell a story about a room, create contrasts, make a statement, whilst also being mindful of reusing pieces by carrying on their life cycle. Re-creating the feel of elegance that is compatible with spaces of the past, vintage aims to stray away from a design that looks like it belongs in your Grandma’s house. Hoteliers have begun supporting more local businesses whilst reducing their carbon footprint through purchasing vintage pieces, giving their hotel its own individual modern flair.

5.  Scandinavian Designs 

Classic Scandinavian designs are famous all over the world for their innovative, minimalistic, striking and trend-setting spaces. They feature timeless wooden furniture, iconic monochrome palettes and flawless craftsmanship, with the main spotlight focused on simplicity and functionality. This ‘less is more’ trend has influenced hotel design transforming spaces into bright, clutter-free interiors which can be seen all over social media platforms and blogs as they take online inspirational imagery by storm! This timeless trend deserves all the attention it gets.

6. Geometric Patterns 

Offering a retro atmosphere, geometric patterns comprise of shapes, lines and colours that construct eye-catching aesthetics. These abstract arts take spaces back into the 60’s with chequered floors, beautiful rugs, astonishing wall art, allowing for versatility from a modern or a classic way, for the perfect hotel design. 

Design doesn’t have to be expensive to fulfil its mission. Take a page out of the book of the trends above, and at our show, to become inspired and adapt your hotel design to fit the trends needed to attract guests. Offering guests a space they’ve never experienced before that tells a story to engrave your brand is essential for success. If you want to meet the biggest names in the design industry to elevate your hotel above and beyond - come along to Hotel360 and the Hospitality Design Show!

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