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4 & 5 October 2022


Your Floor, Your Style, Your Way!

There was a time when we used to think of rooms as individual spaces, each with a specific function. Today spaces organically flow into one another. Functionality is key when it comes to flooring but it’s the design that makes the difference. It has to look good and more importantly, genuine. Luxury Vinyl Tiles make this possible.

So what is a Luxury Vinyl Tile? (LVT) A PVC base with a printed foil layer and an extremely durable Polyurethane wear surface. LVT is durable and light, offering all the visual benefits of natural hard floorcoverings such as wood and stone without the installation or maintenance expenses associated with either. Designs will mimic the natural form. Wood plank-effect is in the shape and form of a plank of wood with different species, colours and grain patterns that all look very realistic and authentic.

The flooring industry has seen massive growth in Luxury Vinyl Tile demand over the past 10 years. With more products and colours available than ever before we can now provide any colour in a range of finishes and sizes to specifically suit your design needs. You can complement your décor with beautiful matt designs, sparkly designs and even metallic designs. It’s possible to create unique borders and patterns and even have your artwork or motifs constructed in LVT and inserted as a centrepiece.

Why stop at floors? Recent technology has made it possible to install Luxury Vinyl Tiles on walls. Continue your design seamlessly from floor to wall or accentuate your décor with a beautiful backpiece. This development has also paved the way for full bathroom installations and even wet room application. The possibilities are endless!

First impressions are fundamental to any business. At Designer Flooring, we specialise in creating your perfect floor from consultation to design implementation and the finishing touches.

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