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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


Your Hotel Marketing Problems, Answered


Marketing is hard work, and producing content for the sake of it is not how the job should be done. Digital marketing is an ever evolving industry, with trends, news and technologies constantly changing. If you’re struggling to promote your hotel online, check out our solutions to these typical hotel marketing problems.

“I Don’t Always Have Time To Upload”

Answer - hire a marketing company. When your Facebook posts are rushed, your tweets sporadic and your last blog posted over a year ago - it’s time to outsource your hotel marketing. We get it, you’re super busy, and there’s no shame in needing a little help. Hotel marketing companies can ensure there’s a level of consistency across all your social platforms, so your hotel is seen as being active and on the ball at all times. It’s their job to maintain your social presence, whilst sharing valuable and informative content that your audience wants to see.

“I’m Not Very Creative”

Answer - hire a marketing company. More creativity = more results. In fact, it’s been shown that better content can drive traffic to a blog by up to 2,000%! It’s hard to be creative sometimes, especially on a Monday morning, but hotel marketers have the skills to think outside the box and better your competition. If you’ve exhausted your thinking cap of fresh ideas, it’s worth going to people who are bursting with them. 

Outsourcing your hotel marketing could be the best decision you ever made. It’s easy to get tunnel-vision by working on the inside, and hiring professionals brings an outsider’s point of view, along with new tactics to get consumers excited about your brand.

 “I Sound Too Robotic”

Answer - hire a marketing company. It’s easy to sound robotic when you’re promoting the same thing day in, day out, but marketing agencies have the ability to humanize your hotel, and produce recurring content that your audience will love. Consumers don’t care for technical jargon, they want real talk. What do you do, what are you selling, how can your business solve their problem? The importance of personalisation is huge and marketing companies are experienced in communicating your brand in this way.

 “I Don’t Know How To Use All The New Technology”

Answer - hire a marketing company. Technology is shaking up the hotel industry, and these guys know what’s what. Marketing agencies have access to premium marketing tools, services, software and analytics, and are always on top of the latest trends. Afterall, what in-house marketer has the time to read up on SEO, content marketing and social media news? 

A good marketing agency is constantly learning and always on the lookout for ways to evolve and improve. They’ll ensure that you’re adhering to the rules of each social media platform and will continuously look for ways to implement new technologies into your marketing strategy. By hiring professionals you’ll have peace of mind that your hotel is using the best tactics and latest innovations to boost your marketing campaign.

“I Don’t Know If I Can Afford A Marketing Company”

Answer - yes you can! If you hire your own team of marketers you’ll have to pay each one a competitive salary, not to mention offering them benefits and incentives to keep them loyal to your hotel. With a marketing company, you’ll pay one flat fee and reap a wealth of rewards! With industry specialists working on your account, you’ll have access to top notch skills from the agency’s expert content writers, SEO professionals, social media gurus and more! By putting best practices into place, they’re more likely to reach the right people, sell your brand and increase your ROI. 

Time is money, and these guys will give you a whole lot more by taking hotel marketing off your hands! Plus, don’t forget they’ll also remove the hassle of searching, interviewing, hiring and training marketers too.

All in all, hotel marketing companies are pretty awesome, and they’re definitely worth considering if your marketing strategy is looking a little worse for wear. We’re welcoming a number of experienced hotel marketing agencies, along with a whole host of other industry professionals, to Hotel 360 in September. Find out more about the event here, and grab your free tickets to attend today!

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