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11 & 12 MAY 2021


Jumeirah Group set to open its first ''eco-conscious resort in Abu Dhabi

Jumeirah Group has recently announced that it will be opening Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island resort, the brand’s first luxury ‘eco-conscious’ offering, based in the tropical climes of Abu dhabi.

To set the scene, the luxurious new venue will overlook the wonderful Arabian Gulf and offers plentiful views of its stunning surroundings and exotic wildlife. If they’re lucky, guests could well be treated to rare and unique sightings of indo-pacific humpback and bottlenose dolphins, green or hawksbill turtles and greater flamingos, to name but a few species. 

In order to practice its eco-friendly ethos, the brand has partnered with the Dubai-based organisation Trust Your Water, to ensure the resort reduces any single-use plastics. Further to this, guests will be offered locally-filtered still and sparkling water in their own reusuable bottles, with the venue having banned plastic straws.

Guests can also expect to be treated to traditional Arabic cuisine at Levantine-inspired TEAN, long poolside lunches at the pool bar and Italian al fresco dining at Mare Mare, all offering top notch dining experiences at the resort. 

"Our commitment to protecting the natural sand dunes and sea around this hotel means that we are also continuously trying to minimise the impact that guests have on this environment by bringing in our own environmentally-friendly solutions and working with partners who are dedicated to employing sustainable, ethical practices in their businesses," said Linda Griffin, Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort, General Manager.