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8 & 9 SEPT 2020


How technology is revolutionising our holidays

From robots to consumers’ feedback in real time and voice-activated rooms and adaptable products, technology is revolutionising the hotel industry more and more every day. Here we will take a look to the most interesting innovation in the hotel tech industry!

1) Robots 

The hotel industry seems to be interested and curious about replacing human staff with robots. A great example is the Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki (Japan), which allows guests not only to check-in with robots, but also to choose between interacting with a female robot that speaks Japanese or a dinosaur robot that speaks English. Also in New York City, the Yotel has a “Yobot” to handle and store luggage. 

2) Biometric for security 

It is a smart way to ensure an accurate security protection when getting into a hotel room. At boutique hotel the Alma Barcelona, guests use their fingerprints to access rooms instead of keys. And at Nine Zero hotel in Boston, to open the room’s door there is a retinal scan mechanism! 

3) Virtual reality 

There has been plenty of chatter about VR as a way to provide customers with a new way to have a “travel experience”. At Marriott International hotels, guests can order “VRoom Service”, which delivers Samsung Gear VR headsets to their rooms to use for 24 hours. 

4) Mobile experience 

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live within the modern world without a smartphone, and the hotel industry is more than aware of that. That’s why more and more hotels are investing in new mobile services that allow customers to do as much as they can through their smartphone: from checking in to paying for the rooms, from booking to ordering room service with a DM. 

5) Hotel’s staff alert 

One of the biggest worries when being in the hotel room during the day is the risk of an embarrassing situation in case the hotel staff gets into your room. That’s why the Seattle’s Hotel 1000 adopted a technology that scans the room’s space with infrared sensors to detect body heat before entering, when pushing the room’s electronic doorbell.