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4 & 5 October 2022


How the Vamoos App Drives Sales of Extras and Enhances the Guest Experience

Consumers are demanding a seamless experience in an instant, be it ordering food, taxi, shopping or staying in a hotel.  Property managers are adopting Guest Apps and binning the paper binders in favour of digital in-room directories, saving thousands by removing phones from rooms and moving to instant messaging, whilst doubling sales of extras via notifications and offers on guest mobile phones. 

Next-Level Customer Service

By using Vamoos, guests have everything they might need in their pocket. Up-to-date, interactive hotel directories replace the dog-eared in-room folders of old. Personalised points of interest allow every guest to get the best recommendations. 

And in-app instant messaging means guests can order a drink from anywhere without having to lift a finger. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have an in-app Chat function that averages over half a million messages a month. It’s what guests want. 

Pre-Stay Excitement and Upselling 

A luxury service means giving guests what they want from the moment they book. That is made possible by Vamoos, as hotels can build pre-stay excitement with a countdown timer, stunning imagery, and in-app booking.

By using Vamoos to engage guests long before they arrive, upselling effectively becomes automatic. Gloucestershire’s Tewkesbury Park Hotel, for example, doubled their in-room spa service sales, which is available via their Vamoos app. 

Saves Time and Money

It is quick and easy to go high-tech with Vamoos. The Griffin Group, one of Ireland’s hotel groups, needed just a day to get set up on the app for each of their three hotels. And once it’s up and running, Vamoos saves time and money by reducing the amount of time hotel staff spend answering routine questions. Because it’s all on the app for guests to find at their leisure.

Hotels are flocking to Vamoos because it’s where high-tech and high-touch work in harmony. Lti Maafushivaru Maldives have used Vamoos to go digital and the luxury resort’s assistant manager, Ahmed Sindhaan, says guests “have been happy with the app [because they] know they are speaking to an actual person.” Vamoos simply makes it easier for hotel staff to provide an even better service. 

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