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19 & 20 October 2022


New UK Technology Launch

New Patented Technology 

Virus control control in occupied areas
Oxygen percentage increment
Carbon Dioxide percentage reduction

Odour removal
Toxicity removal
Reduction of pollutant gases like SO2, NO2, CO2, etc
Reduction in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)


Introduction to Bioxyplasma Ltd technology.

Cross-Infections are the deadliest phenomenon in these challenging times.
Unfortunately the medical world is devoid of any technology which prevents the same, aerially – in People-Occupied spaces.

What if a device
Guarantees the reduction of Cross-Infections in People Occupied spaces.
Guarantees the KILLING of contagious Infections (not just merely 'capturing' or 'inactivating' them)
Guarantees the INCREMENT of Aerial OXYGEN Percentage - for People to breathe Oxygen-enriched air.
Guarantees the destruction of Toxic Gases in indoor environment?
Guarantees the overall well-being of the patients.
Guarantees To reduce your energy usage, improving your carbon footprint .


Bio-Oxygen Plasma : 
Designed in Scandinavia, Plasma based Bio-Oxygen is a calculated mixture of Oxygen Plasma, Allotropic Oxygen clusters (AOC), Ozone (O3) & Catalytic Anions - resulting in a number of influential advantages in Infection-Control efficacy, indoor Oxygen enrichment, toxicity removal & Dust reduction. 

The technology is certified by international Governments to KILL 10 MILLION (1 CRORE) units of contagious Infections under 30 minutes  which has NEVER been attained by any other technology (review any other test reports!).

NOTE : While destroying aerial toxicities, Bio-Oxygen Plasma increases the Oxygen Percentage in Indoor Air creating a healthy oxygen enriched environment.