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19 & 20 October 2022


A Revolution in Hand Sanitising

The Problem

EZISAN have invented four different models of an automatic Hand Sanitiser. This product has been developed in response the current worldwide coronavirus pandemic and general hand hygiene. This product will help to improve the process and convenience of hand sanitising.  EZISAN is a “market disrupter”, the big USP is EZISAN ELIMINATES THE USE OF ALCOHOL GEL HAND SANITISERS.  

There are many issues with using wet alcohol gel sanitisers.

  • Upon entry to many buildings, you are met with various sanitising options.  Usually a gel dispenser, paper towels and a bin. This often gets “messy” and needs regular topping up, cleaning and tidying. 
  • Alcohol gel sanitisers are known to irritate the skin, especially regular users like NHS and care workers.  Sufferers of eczema and other sensitive skin conditions are also affected. 

The financial cost to business and public venues is substantial.  We also have to factor in the fact that staff have to maintain and replenish the current method, the man-hours wasted over a week/month are a genuine cost.


The Solution

EZISAN uses a “dry sanitizing nano mist” to help solve many of the problems.

You simply place your hands into the mist, turn them over and your hands are sanitised.
We are using a specially formulated water-based sanitizing fluid to create the “dry mist”, there is no waste the mist turns back fluid or safely evaporates.
The use of paper towels is redundant, alcohol sanitisers often deliver an excess and it is necessary to dry hands with towels, or wipe on clothing.
There is very little maintenance required, the fluid needs topping up occasionally and replacing monthly.