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19 & 20 October 2022


Biophilic Design for Hospitality

Hotel guests love a room with a view, but in many locations especially in city hotels, it’s rarely possible to provide such a view. Biophilia is a term taken from the Greek meaning ‘Love of life’ to describe the human innate love of nature and a desire to be close to the natural world. A hotel room with a view is a perfect example of the clients requirement to be closer to the outside, and where this isn’t possible, biophilic design within hospitality interior spaces is well worth consideration. 

Numerous studies have concluded that the use of greenery and plants within an interior space can increase wellbeing and positivity significantly, so biophilic design strategies are now being used by hotels around the world to enhance the customers experience. Hotel brands are rediscovering that lobby spaces can function as more than just transitory space, that they can become spaces that encourage time to dwell, relax and increase revenue as their guests like to spend more time in spaces with connections to nature. It also helps to create an enticing space to encourage non staying guests to visit for drinks, coffee and to dine, increasing revenue without having to fill extra beds. Biophilic design can be very powerful in the hospitality industry. Not only can it create a more engaging experience, but it can also help to create a deeper client affinity to certain hotel brands. Here at Arti Green we can help develop your biophilic design strategy with customer engagement in mind. From interior trees, plants and florals, to interior Zen gardens and full greenery design schemes.

Another customer engagement aspect of biophilic design worth considering is the use of green walls within an interior space. There are various green wall options available from Arti Green Ltd, from living walls to maintenance free preserved moss walls and they are a perfect addition to the whole customer experience package as they also provide a fantastic backdrop for social media posts whereby the customer will inevitably be drawn to take that all important vacation ‘selfie’, tagging the hotel in their post which presents as a great marketing opportunity for the brand.

Biophilic design is becoming an important topic in hospitality design and by embracing this design trend we can help to reduce stress, improve well-being and hopefully, the success of a hotel.