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19 & 20 October 2022


Top 5 AI Platform Features in Travel Technology

AI is widely used in the tourism industry to improve customer experience by providing fast, accurate information, tailored and highly personalised services. 

On the other hand, hospitality professionals are also experiencing the benefits of travel technology in their career development. AI platforms allow forming valuable community networks of industry professionals and therefore create great opportunities and space for network expansion, career advancement, and easy access to information. 

Community plays an important role in providing support and a feeling of safety and belonging, which is why AI platforms tend to have a personal, human touch behind it all. The advantage of technology is providing all the tools and possibilities to integrate everything under one roof - education, communication, connections, recruitment, events, courses, and more. But the power of community is to give it a sense of direction and create an inclusive space for individuals and companies, with the help of technology and all available tools. 

Here are the top 5 AI platform features in travel technology, in service of career and personal development, as well as employee engagement.

1.) Corporate hub  

A white label AI platform integrated into a company’s tech stack for enhanced employee engagement is a great place to start building a safe corporate team hub for collaboration, innovation, networking, learning, staying connected in today’s remote work environment, and sharing company goals and achievements. They are user and team-friendly, easily accessible, and can play a significant role in employee satisfaction since they offer plenty of added value for personal and professional development.

2.) Marketplace 

Both, from employee and employer perspectives, filtered marketplace access makes the matching process easier and more relevant. Employers have the opportunity to advertise their positions to profiled professionals, while potential employees can find specific roles that will enable their career development. Easy access to recruiters, and assisted hiring processes are some of the top advantages of AI platforms in travel tech.

3.) E-learning

Another great characteristic of AI-driven platforms for professional development is filtered material for continuous online learning through select courses, educational videos, blogs, articles, bookstores, and other educational material. With advanced filters, it can be very easy to find content for preferable topics of interest and create a personal hub with all valuable information in one place.

4.) Mentoring 

With an all-time high desire to learn and develop new skills in today’s fast-paced environment, guided by a trusted expert on the field, it can be a struggle to find the best source for all this information and the right person. AI platforms offer mentoring opportunities with experienced professionals, matching mentors and mentees in order to provide and receive high-quality, personalized professional training.

5.) Events

Live events provide an opportunity to network and to get involved in discussions related to current industry trends. Access to new information through career and community events, industry conferences, and expert panels can help with staying up to date, and nurturing current as well as building new connections.

AI platforms and travel technology are on the rise in both B2C and B2B sectors. It is important to be aware that the current and upcoming generations of companies, teams and their customers rely heavily on technology and all the advantages that come with it. 

As being used worldwide and without limitations, AI platforms are also a place to embrace diversity and inclusion in a safe setting, where human and technological touch meet to form a perfect duo, and working together in harmony.