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19 & 20 October 2022


Innovate Your Lift Experience

Covid-19 and the transmission of infectious diseases has focussed attention on elevators in buildings around the world. From a relatively mundane part of everyday mobility, lifts were under the spotlight for their ability to transmit disease. Dewhurst, a specialist in the manufacture and supply of lift interface technology, has focussed its recent R&D efforts on addressing these issues. Touchless technology alongside digital signage and connected multimedia displays have revolutionised lift use in hotels around the world.

Touchless technology

Wave-to-call proximity technology on the landings and our sleek and innovative Halo touchless car operating system enables building owners to efficiently and cost-effectively transform their lifts. With nearly 1,000 Wave-to-call landing operating panels installed worldwide and recent successful Halo touchless car operating panels, this technology is gaining traction around the world.

This very public investment in guest’s safety is sure to differentiate the hotel experience.

Multimedia signage

Digital signage in the lift car is widely recognised as a key revenue driver – particularly when targeted at on-site offerings such as food and beverage services. These screens can be updated over the cloud from anywhere in the world and provide an excellent opportunity to stream targeted messages to a captive audience. 

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