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19 & 20 October 2022


Air Sterilization, High Level Surface Disinfection

The Steri-Air process incorporates air sterilisation, filtration and real time air quality monitoring. Scientifically proven to destroy greater than 99.999% of micro-organisims, it also removes particulate matter and odours from the atmosphere.

The units use CCFT (Close Couple Field Technology) which is a process which electrically generates a non-thermal plasma energy field through a series of high voltage coils. The plasma energy is so powerful that it is capable of destroying matter at a cellular level by literally rupturing the cell walls, through an effect known as “molecular ripping”.

Regardless of their nature, all micro-organisms including viruses, bacteria and fungal spores contain cells. This process destroys 99.999% of micro-organisms by rupturing their cell walls effectively rendering them inert and completely harmless.

Our units can be designed to integrate into any HVAC or air handling system. Either as new installations or as retrofit equipment, we feature a wide variety of standard units as well as offering a custom design service to meet the needs of any air management system.

When installed in-line as part of a HVAC or air handling system, the units can actively improve energy efficiency by dramatically reducing back pressure to just 25 Pascals as well as decreasing humidity. Not only does this reduce energy consumption but it also means reduced maintenance costs with less wear and tear on equipment.

Our process also incorporates the use of air quality monitoring with a unique virus index technology, “Virus Index” technology analyses indoor air quality data to reveal the extent to which air quality at home or at work sustains or impedes the survival of viruses, including COVID-19. This Virus Index works on a 10-point scoring system categorised into four levels: Good, Mild/Moderate, Bad and Severe.

Each level provides insights about air quality, the risk of sustaining viruses and how to improve the

environment to reduce that risk.

In addition, our Automated Room Disinfection system utilising high quality, low concentration hydrogen peroxide delivers surface disinfection to the highest level. With cycle times shorter than UVc light systems and with cycles managed via a propriety App, from outside the area being decontaminated, surfaces are disinfected without residue.

The system is internationally, and UK validated, to appropriate standards, for disinfecting pathogenic micro-organisms on non-porous surfaces.

Our system is highly cost-effective and has a range of models capable of decontaminating, bathrooms, toilets, vehicles, living accommodation, hospitals, Care Homes, Workshops, Food Preparation facilities, Doctor’s surgeries, Dentists, Veterinary surgeries, and many other locations. No space is too big or too small.