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19 & 20 October 2022


COVID-19 and Hospitality Challenge: Redefine your hotel technology and guest experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we conduct business and perhaps no other industry has been impacted as significantly as the hospitality industry. We’ve created a dedicated area of our website to help you through the COVID-19 and safety challenges experienced by the hospitality market.

SALTO Systems has a variety of methods to help the Hospitality Industry to effectively respond and adapt to the COVID-19 challenges to improve guest and staff safety with solutions like automatic check-in and mobile access and the inclusion of antimicrobial technology into the surface of our locks and products.

Moving forward post-COVID-19, hotels and lodging will have to make many adjustments to try to adapt their properties to the new security and safety requirements. Guests will never see some of the biggest changes happening in the hotel industry, which begin with digitalization, stringent employee safety, and sanitation training. SALTO’s commitment to collaborate with the hospitality industry, our work with leading integration partners, and our commitment to technology mean we are well equipped to help the hospitality industry comply with their commitment to providing a healthy and safe environment for their guests.

The response to COVID-19 and our Hospitality solutions:

BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology — Cleaning & sanitation reduces the risks when using an access point.

Automation and Service at a Distance — Automatic check-in with or without API integrations to other systems.

Mobile and Digital Key Technology — Cleanliness and contactless, reducing handing over of credentials and reducing human contact at check-in

Flexible and Safe Access Control Solutions Throughout Property Operations — The natural movement of guests and staff is leveraged to redefine your property’s security and improve overall access flow to be monitored and controlled.

Social distancing — Property building access and limited occupancy, mobile check-in, and adopting the latest technologies to ensure that guests continue to receive the highest standard of service.

Comprehensive 24/7 access control that covers your entire property  — Achieve reliable security – thanks to full integration capacities with third-party hardware/software – providing safe, convenient, and seamless guest access throughout the property.

Integrations and technology partners —  Together with trusted SALTO technology partners we can bring about better security and usability to both guests and operators. Users gain convenience and safety, without sacrificing security, and facility managers distinguish their property with cost-effective solutions that guests truly value.

COVID-19 and Hospitality Challenge White Paper

Download the white paper to learn more about the use of antimicrobial technology and SALTO Hospitality keyless and mobile smart access technology by clicking on the link to our hospitality website below.