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19 & 20 October 2022


Keeping customers happy with well-placed charging facilities

A well-placed charger can be the difference between and happy customer and an unhappy customer

Imagine arriving at your hotel after a 12-hour flight, a stinking headache and two incredibly bored children in tow. You wait patiently in line to be received by the hotel reception and when you say your name, they tell you they can't find your booking. You immediately put your hand in your pocket, pull out your phone to check the booking reference you received and nothing; your phone has died...

'Do you have a charger I could borrow?' You say, trying not to sound too desperate.

'I'm afraid not'

'Oh...' (Imagine a tired, stressed, unhappy guest)

Mobile phones connect us to the world, they don't just power our day; they power our lives; they make us complete ;) But for all the benefits they provide, their battery life has a lot to be desired. I know, it's not the phone manufacturers' fault, but it's something that needs to be managed. And we manage it by having access to chargers where we can.

The first thing we often want to do when we arrive at a hotel, even before the obligatory toilet trip, is charge our phone. It may sound a little exaggerated, but it's true. Phones are often our only connection to our loved ones, employees, customers and bosses and it's essential to keep them charged. And if I've left my charger at home, I shouldn't have to go chasing around the hotel foyer asking staff and even other guests if I can borrow one.

Wouldn't it be simpler to just lean against the bar with a drink in one hand and my phone charging wirelessly next to me? Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Wireless charging technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last year alone. Most new phones are now Qi-compatible, meaning they follow a common set of rules allowing them to be charged wirelessly by pretty much any wireless charger. And there are a lot of chargers out there; some far better than others. There are chargers that plug into a USB charger and provide a movable pad on which you sit your phone while it charges. There are chargers that are fitted into a table (or bar!) which are wired up underneath, out of sight to a standard power source nearby. There is even a wireless charger that essentially turns your table into a wireless charger! Because of the way wireless charging works, by transferring energy from the charger to the phone via electromagnetic induction, the wireless charger is able to charge your phone through solid objects. Beam us up, Scotty! By using a simple identification sticker, the user knows exactly where to rest their phone while they rest their weary legs and enjoy dinner in the hotel restaurant.

It doesn't matter what phone you have; wireless chargers will charge both Apple and Android phones just so long as they are wireless compatible. No matter what phone your guests prefer they will all feel looked after. Fit wireless chargers to half your tables and watch the other half gather dust. Whether your guests are visiting for pleasure, a business conference, or a training event, in today's technologically empowered world it's more important than ever to keep them and their devices powered up. If there is free and readily available charging, the chances are, your guests won't be rushing back to their rooms for a quick charge, they are more likely to hang around and order a second round of drinks, or even recommend your venue to their friends and colleagues as a great choice for a networking event. Nothing pleases a salesperson more than being able to catch up on his emails while charging his phone and networking, especially if he doesn't have to sit on the floor next to a wall socket!

So next time you arrive at your hotel after a 12-hour flight with two tired and very bored children, and the hotel doesn't have your booking reference to hand, just pop your dying phone on their conveniently placed wireless charger and bring up your confirmation email.


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