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19 & 20 October 2022


7 ways health focussed interactive kiosks will enable us to safely return to ‘normality’

It’s an exciting time as we now have the green light to visit friends and family, shops are re-opening, people are dining out and professional sport has returned to our stadiums. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet there is still much anxiety circulating when it comes to the logistics of heading back into ‘normality’


Our expertly designed kiosks solutions help reduce the inevitable anxiety, ensuring both, customers and staff, feel confident and protected. 


Bonus: the kiosks also drive-forward businesses by increasing efficiency and encouraging more sales.



1 – Visitor management that protects staff and customers

Managing who enters the store, and how many at a time, is crucial for the re-opening of retail, hospitality and travel. Staff and customers alike both need to feel safe in the environment.


Implementing a kiosk on entry can not only manage the amount of people going into the building, but mitigate the risk of spreading illness by using our Guardian Kiosk Family.


Our Guardian Kiosks are fitted with DERMALOG‘s Biometric Thermal Cameras, which accurately and efficiently take the temperature of the customer from a safe distance. Fever checks will ensure that no one symptomatic can enter the premises.


Additionally, optional hand sanitiser dispensers can be fitted to the Kiosk enclosure so no one gets caught germy-handed.


2 – More contactless payments

The maximum spend on contactless payments has increased to £60 in the U.K. and $100 dollars in the U.S. This allows for more purchases to be made using touchless technology.


We have never been more aware of how much we touch surfaces and devices, we are committed to producing more frictionless technology to reduce risk where it’s not needed.


Contactless payment devices can be retro-fitted onto existing products or installed into new enclosures.


3 – A safer self check-out 

Self checkout is not exactly new. However, it’s less common outside of supermarkets. We predict a rise in self-checkouts being installed across a wide-range of retail sectors.

Self-checkouts are easy-to-clean, can be spaced at safe distance, and efficient, thus speeding up customer flow.

Additionally, the touchscreens can be fitted with anti-microbial screen protectors to reduce the build up of bacteria and germs, whilst reducing glare. These screens are more resilient and can be cleaned with stronger detergents.


4 – Frictionless food ordering 

Kiosks can be used to not only display a digital menu in a restaurant or fast-food shop but can also order and pay for the entire food order – in complete, contactless fashion. 


This increases efficiency, customer flow and revenue, all whilst mitigating risk. 

5 – Reducing queues

Kiosks are equally safe, efficient and effective. Introducing Kiosks safeguards the business by instilling protective measures whilst ensuring adeptness and adaptability in hospitality, travel and retail. 


The increased efficiency will inevitably reduce queues for the restaurant or shop. Since 80% of customers admit to deciding against visiting a shop due to the queue, this is imperative for good business.


Additionally, less queues means less stationary people and, therefore, less risk of virus transmission.


Mitigating risk + increasing sales = good business.


6 – Supporting social distancing 

It’s overwhelmingly apparent that social distancing is actually quite difficult to execute in certain environments. Installing kiosks can encourage customers to keep a safe distance from one another.


The kiosks can be deployed 6ft away from each other and, if the premises is not big enough, screens can be introduced to separate the kiosks.


7 – The return of travel 

Global travel will return, but the way we travel will be considerably different to what we are used to. Technology allows us to adapt to a ‘new normal’, with frictionless and health conscious devices at every step of the way.


Currently, interactive kiosks are at the forefront of the changes at airports and docks, border control, arrivals and departures and during flights. Going forward, we predict a surge in biometric enrolment, prior to the day of travel. This technological development is already well under way and applied in various scenarios.


A completely integrative and inclusive biometric solution could be transformative for frictionless flights and higher-security at borders, therefore reducing the risk of spreading viruses, whilst also improving efficiency and security.



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