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19 & 20 October 2022


Six Star:ARK - the zero-opex support model from Six Star Global!

Since April Six Star Global have been furiously busy Onboarding new clients to Six Star:ARK. The demand was much greater than expected and as such prompted a review as to why we had drastically underestimated the need for this unique Pay As You Go IT service.

Sadly a large number of hotel operating companies had been unable to weather this storm, and had closed their doors for good, leaving hotel owners with two choices:

1. Find a new OpCo
2. Set up their own OpCo and operate the hotels themselves.

100% of our newest 350+ hotels chose the 2nd option, and this left them with some significant IT challenges.

Six Star’s stability and breadth of our global operations have been of welcome relief to hotel owners everywhere. Not only does Six Star:ARK offer end-to-end IT Managed Services to keep hotels operating at virtually no cost until at least December 31st 2020, but we also have the experience of partnering on the build of dozens of hotel OpCo’s from scratch, meaning that our new clients can shortcut the development of their own processes and platforms to get up and running again.

With this in mind, we have streamlined and expanded our operations to be able to be a safety net for more and more clients.

If your hotel or hotel group needs our assistance please find out more and get in touch with Six Star Global below!