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19 & 20 October 2022


Asksuite is helping hotels with free AI chatbot to answer COVID-19 queries

 Asksuite is helping hotels with free AI chatbot to answer COVID-19 queries

The travel industry is suffering the most from the symptoms of the coronavirus crisis. As the world is now navigating through uncertainty, Asksuite feels lucky to be able to help the hotel industry with their digital agent, the Hotel Tech Award-winning AI chatbot. With the social distancing becoming the norm, virtual assistance is the best – and maybe only – way for hotels to be present to keep potential guests showing up. 

Since the pandemic is hitting North America and Europe hard, Asksuite is offering free their chatbot to these continents. Hence, even if the hotel is temporarily closed, it can keep providing customer assistance to future guests, answering queries, and facilitating the booking process. 

“We from Asksuite are totally committed to the mission of helping hoteliers to overcome this severe crisis. All of the sectors are working together in an effort to empower hotels through this difficult time,” says Rodrigo Teixeira, Asksuite CEO.

There are many questions to be answered about the effects of the pandemic: cancellation and rescheduling policies, hotel hygiene procedures, information about local and hotel status are some of the frequent topics.

For this reason, the company included the COVID-19 topic in their chatbot: a fast and comprehensive way to answer all travelers’ queries 24/7. 

By encouraging clients to reschedule their bookings, the chatbot helps hotels deal with the serious cash flow problems that the high number of booking cancellations is causing. 

Advantages of technology during the crisis

With people staying at home, the resumption of reservations will be digital, with more travelers visiting the hotels' websites to check how the local situation is, what actions hotels are taking, and so on. This scenario can be a great opportunity for the chatbot.

The main purpose of this technology is to increase direct bookings. Today, 40% of chat requests are about room quotations. With the booking engine integrations, Asksuite's bot provides instant quotations in real-time and even gives assistance in the traveler's language. For instance, if the traveler is Chinese, the bot will chat in Chinese.

How to get one?

Lodgings in North America and Europe can get help now to scale customer service this year by clicking on this link and requesting the bot. It is available now for free until December 2020:

The Change the Date Campaign

Asksuite is constantly thinking about ideas to support the industry. There have been already some isolated attempts from hoteliers to encourage clients to postpone their trips instead of canceling them. The company wanted to join forces and, for that reason, has created a campaign to help hoteliers, with practical applications, motivate clients to reschedule their trips. The name of this movement is #changethedate.

In this campaign, Asksuite has listed ideas that hoteliers can apply to encourage travelers to reschedule their trips. This free material can be found in this link, no form required:

About Asksuite: Asksuite is the global leader in hotel chatbot focused on increasing direct bookings with more than 1.500 hotels as clients. In January 2020, the company won the prestigious Hotel Tech Award as The Best Chatbot in the world in the hotel industry.