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19 & 20 October 2022


How Is Digital Technology Shaping And Leveraging In-Between Hotel Guests and Personnel?

It's absolutely clear that today's hotel operation needs to shift to a Digital Back-Office Management Format to be able to provide the guest with the best experience before, during, and after staying in the hotel and stay competitive on the market!  

How do Hotels Manage Guest Requests? 

We must admit the fact that modern travelers are digitally savvier than most hotel employees; they can rely on their smartphones and mobile devices and, within a minute send a request for extra service. They do not want to wait while a hotel dispatcher sends this request for execution — they want it to be done right away! Let's be honest, nobody wants to wait. 

According to Ghazi, J Tourism Hospit 2017, the "Electronic Word-of-Mouth (e-WOM) is made available to a multitude of people via the Internet, and online customers' statements prove to be higher in credibility, empathy and relevance for customers than firms' marketing information." The study conducted by PhoCus Wright, around 77% of travelers usually reference reviews before choosing or a hotel; 53% of travelers won't commit to booking until they read reviews; about half of travelers always reference reviews before choosing a restaurant, and around 44% of travelers usually reference reviews before choosing an attraction.

Recent studies have shown that 53% of guests are finding trouble with staff, and 38% of those same guests find issues with internal? operations when it comes to the overall experience while visiting hotels. So, how can we deal with this and decrease the number of unsatisfied guests? 

To be able to provide optimal guest experience, technology should become a major component for all hotel departments! We have to get rid of paper and pen for task management and stop using verbal forms of servicing the guest requests through radio and other offline systems. Hotel employees should be armed with the best tools to be ready to serve the guests in the best way and keep them coming back for more. 

Providing each employee with a Task Management Mobile Application changes the game! Back Office digital automatization for the hotel industry enables any guest request to be automatically transformed straight into a task, without any middleman (like a dispatcher, front desk attendant, etc.). In other words, the guest Creates and Assigns tasks themselves, which go directly to the executor who, in turn, starts to perform the task immediately. 

When line staff starts to receive tasks digitally, it unleashes the opportunity to see everything in real-time on one Dashboard — what is happening on the property, where, how long, and who is working, staying connected with the whole team constantly.  

Also, it lets your team, including off-deck employees, see and stay updated about things such as daily events, any VIPs that are arriving that require special attention, and much more. 

As a result of automation and workflow synchronizations, productivity is increasing, and operating costs are decreasing by up to 30%, and the best part is that the effectiveness of hotel management becomes measurable. 

At the same time, it’s evident that when you have tools to monitor and measure effectiveness, you know what to improve it!  

"In a business that depends on how its customer rates services, the use of advanced technology is crucial. Today's market offers a lot of tools to work on the clients' side, such as PMS, CRS, POS, YMS, AI, IoT, Chatbots, robots, online surveys, and more. But, we can underestimate the role of employees who works on the floors and making the guest happy, who manage staff and make business running and leave them without any tools.   We have to bring together not only guests but the team and the entire community as well, around your brand, with digital engagement," said Hkeeper's founder Svetlana Udalov.  

In conclusion, we must confirm that without the transition of Back-Office operational management to a digital format, the hotel industry will not be able to move forward and satisfy the needs of its customers. It's time to make changes and smart strategic decisions that can help you become even more successful.

By HKeeper


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