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4 & 5 October 2022


Personalized Stays Are the Key for Happy Travellers

We live in a world where the internet has transformed the entire process of traveling.

In France, for example, approximately 93% of the population makes hotel reservations online. Comparative websites and public reviews are consulted several times between the moment the idea of going to a destination pops into someone’s head and the “proceed to room payment” phase; making it difficult for any hotel to stand out.

But people do not only research for the establishment they will be staying at. More and more tourists prefer to plan almost the totality of their stay in advance, looking for the tastiest restaurants, the most relaxing spas or the funniest activities to do nearby; and these numbers keep on increasing. In France, it is 79% of the travelers who organize their stay ahead of time using the internet to find the best deals, gathering good prices and positive reviews. This trend is now well-known to big travel companies that try to enrich their offer with additional services. The leader in this sector would be Airbnb and its “experiences”. And if those “experiences” are such a success, it is because their strategy is based upon emotions. During a trip, people are wanting to discover new things for an adventurous feeling while searching for comfort, trust and human connexions. For most of them, having access to authentic and local services is what makes their stay memorable. But when trying to access this local offers, they find themselves lost in an immensity of possibilities to book online and are worry some might be scams.

In a recent survey conducted for Skift, 69 percent of respondents said they would rather “spend more money on better activities” than “a nicer hotel room” and “65 percent of respondents said they would want to come back having experienced something new”. It has become clear that globalization and technology have led to the homogenization of cities, which has resulted in travelers craving locally made and authentic experiences. Most importantly, people wish to have access to a maximum amount of services they also have back at home (like hairdresser, babysitters, nail bars…) while allowing themselves to fall for extra activities.

At MyConciergeHotel, we believe hotels would gain to be the ones suggesting and selling to guests the most popular activities in the area.  Sejourners renting a room have complete trust and faith in the official hotel website to plan their stay and buy directly online without any fear of scams. Not only it saves visitors a consequent amount of time that would otherwise have been lost on checking an endless list of recommendations pages, but it is also a source of inspiration to picture their ideal trip. With a platform automatically translated in several languages, communication between guests, the hotel staff and the locals actors is clear and easy from the pre-stay organisation to the last day of the holidays.

For hotels, permitting local services providers to propose their offers on the establishment website is manner to easily increase revenue, save time to the desk clerk and veritably take part in the community life. Implementing partnerships with institutions nearby also has a positive impact on the establishment image is not anymore a simple beds provider, but a booking central for all kind of services and activities. 

While trying to revolutionize the e-Conciergerie, MyConciergeHotel solution wishes to amplify connexions between travelers, their hotel and the local actors to offer the most authentic experience possible for every guest. 

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