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4 & 5 October 2022


Five ways to turn breakfast into your competitive edge

Breakfast is one of the most important elements of a hotel's offer.  Thus, guest expectations are always higher if these expectations have been met prior; breakfast can become not only a unique experience but also a competitive advantage. Choosing the right approach is of paramount importance.

1. Guests do not like waiting!

Especially not thirsty guests. Ensuring a large capacity of beverage supplies and the serving staff that will serve guest numbers as quickly as possible while respecting their desires is a nightmare for many caterers. But with the right solution, you can turn your breakfast experience into a fairy tale.  Modern self-service dispensers can reach the capacity of juice dispensing for up to 800 guests at any given time, which can choose from a wide selection of soft or carbonated soft drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages such as wine or "mixers". Nektar Natura follows trends, offers drinks with lower sugar content and uses only the finest ingredients which ensure stability and quality of a product regardless of the time of the year or the yearly crops.

2. The first choice is health

Healthy breakfasts are no longer only a trend.  Guests are becoming more and more aware of the carefully selected foods to eat.  That is why it is important to offer them not only a wide variety of tasty choices but also quality ones.  For example, juices from a dispensing machine have been revolutionized in recent years.  Juice supply has increased significantly, with both fruit and vegetable juices  - made from fresh ingredients and carefully selected fruits. Nektar Natura offers 16 different orange drinks, vegetable drinks with a  detox niche made from ingredients such as algae, cucumbers, apples which add to the detoxing effect of the drink as well as waters which do not contain sugars or sweeteners but only vitamins and minerals which have a positive effect on bodily and mental functions.

3. Price, the eternal dilemma

Fresh ingredients, great taste, local offerings and the unconditional safety of drinks, can quickly become a huge burden on the hotel budget. However, this can be avoided by providers who are both able to implement quality and extend deadlines. Pre-prepared drink in a Bag -in -Box is a great example of how to ensure freshly prepared beverage in hotel breakfasts or other catering establishments. It can provide up to 90 litres of drink. By comparison, one Bag-in-Box is enough for the whole refrigerator of drink in another packaging. Besides, the system optimises work: saving time, saving cost with employees and use less storage.

Nektar Natura has developed more than 13 quality product lines, and companies can choose between options that assure the customer finds something within its price range/budget/financial capabilities.

4. Environmentally friendly

Dispensers are one of the most eco-friendly choices for hoteliers, although the beverage industry is often under scrutiny for its environmental footprint. They do not waste energy to cool drinks down to suitable drinking temperature. The use of appealing glass carafes also eliminates the need for disposable packaging.  The calculations show that customers can reduce shipping and carbon footprint by as much as 80% and create more storage by changing their packs and bottles into Bag-in-Box. Reducing waste materials and reducing transportation costs with exhaust emissions and reducing electricity consumption are only a few benefits which are brought by dispensing machines.

5. Attractive to the eyes

The icing on the top for a full pleasure experience is the eye-catching design. The caterers’ worries that the dispenser will not look good in their interior is not a concern any more, even in hotels with high line standards, because design and appearance can be personalised to the customers' wishes. What's more Nektar Natura’s juice dispenser, which can serve five different freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices, was awarded a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2019.

The guest’s attention is drawn by the machine’s eye-catching appeal of a fruit stand at a farmer’s market; such a unique design surely suits every interior style. 

The role of Nektar Natura is to contribute to the right and simple choices which lead to the desired results. Every customer is approached individually, and wholesome solutions are prepared for them. Global presence enables solutions worldwide and the UK has entered into cooperation with a certified partner Catering Services, which is ready to revise needs and demands but also to consult and help.

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