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4 & 5 October 2022


Stress-free Conference Room Connectivity

We’ve all experienced a problem connecting to a projector or TV in a conference room – it usually starts with “where do I plug in?”, then “what do I plug in?”, followed by “why isn’t it working?”. With the advent of HDMI, this should be fairly straight forward but there is still some legacy equipment with older VGA connections, or those that just like to be different, with a DisplayPort or just a phone to throw you a curve ball.

Connections without a cable

Image a situation where you sit down in a conference room, open your laptop and just use your normal Microsoft windows, open the notification window, and connect wirelessly to the conference room projector or TV using the “project” and “screenshare” option already there.  No need for magic dongles or button sequences to press once you’ve installed some software - just a straight forward wireless connection and you’re there.

Our latest high specification HDMI switch does just that using Miracast and Airplay screen sharing functions offered by both Windows and Apple operating systems. It also means that once connected, you can also share any content on your Android or Apple based phone, making presenting an easy task.

Just in case you really do still want to plug in a cable we also offer an extensive range of high quality in-desk power sockets to aid conference room connectivity.

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