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4 & 5 October 2022


Using Bespoke Technology to Deliver the Best Guest Experience

Today, the majority of customers - especially millennials - are embracing technology in all walks of life. From online shopping, to making payments and communicating with the world, we can do it all from a touch of a button. So, in the eyes of your guests, why should a hotel experience be any different? 

Whatever your hotel’s size, style, brand or star-rating, bespoke technology can help your hotel shine – and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Using bespoke technology to fit the needs of your business and customers can re-define the guest experience, maximise your potential and enhance your financial efficiency. Here is how… 

Internal Insight

Great service starts with empowering your employees through an organised operation behind the scenes. Technology can play a big role in the way your business is driven and enhances the productivity of your team. For example, if you have an app or system for employees to access and use throughout the working day, task delegation is simplified, whilst employees also have visibility of outstanding actions and guest profile data. Not only is this technology better for time management, it also builds a more efficient workforce.

Guest Engagement

Tech-savvy guests naturally have an ‘I want it now’ attitude, so you can only imagine how they may feel about queuing to check-in and out of their rooms, book extra services and pay for their stay or future stays. While for many, a personable conversation at your Reception Kiosk works, some guests just want the luxury of a streamlined digital two-way communication to suit their needs. Technology platforms such as a mobile app that both you and your guests can utilise, can transform how they regard your hotel and their stay. 

Keeping Everything Connected 

Rightfully so, guests want to feel that their needs are your priority. If you think that going too big or bold with your technology is going to affect this, make sure you think about your customer profile and the technology that would be right for them. After all, it is meant to enhance their experience, not have the opposite effect! Whatever technology you utilise, make sure you invest in a reliable system that fits your hotel’s needs. A trusted wireless network will be needed to drive your technology seamlessly and working with your provider to make this bespoke to your requirements will make all the difference in your success. The best providers will offer you 24/7 support and external monitoring to ensure you, your employees and guests are always connected.