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19 & 20 October 2022


Light Up Your Guests’ Experiences With Led Lighting

As hotels face increased competition from the likes of AirBnB, it is important that hotel design is used to set a building apart and meet customers’ expectations. Lighting design can be a flexible, cost-effective way to make a big difference, with LED lighting in particular under the spotlight as a tool to create enjoyable experiences for guests.

With the ability to create customised settings in line with user moods, and the option to integrate lighting strips into fitted furniture to save space, LED lighting for hotels has, in recent years, become about so much more than its reduced power usage compared to halogen alternatives.

While luxury and full service hotels implement lighting technology to give guests more control over the look and feel of their spaces, as LED systems become simpler and cheaper to install, even hotels with limited resources are transforming reception areas and bedrooms with clever lighting, creating modern spaces that impress customers.

Guests expect hotels to deliver a variety of functions and uses, and flexible lighting is crucial in helping achieve that.



Well-considered lighting designs and installations evoke positive reactions from us; they can calm, motivate, inspire or even enliven us – all things a guest might be wanting to achieve while using your hotel. LED lighting with a complete RGB spectrum allows a guest to set the colour and brightness of  the lighting in their room, whether static or built into fitted furniture – such as headboards, bed bases and cabinets – to create specific atmospheres.

For example, white light makes a room look more modern; warm light can create a relaxing feel. But you don’t need to leave guests with just one option when it comes to lighting. LED lighting systems such as Häfele’s innovative range of furniture lighting, Loox, can be controlled via an app downloaded to a guest’s phone, so they can change the colour and brightness depending on their mood, time of day or activity; an effective way for hotels to tailor and personalise spaces for each guest’s stay.


Whether using a hotel room to get work done, relax and unwind, or get ready for an event, the right lighting conditions are needed to help a user carry out the activity safely and comfortably. LED lighting, crisper and cleaner in its outputs than halogen bulbs, increases visibility so guests can be more productive.

Hotels can also use LED lighting for health and safety purposes, for example, to illuminate walkways clearly and highlight signposts. Plus, with its low heat up, it can be easily integrated into furniture without risk of fire.


Hotels can combine systems such as Häfele’s Loox with wireless and USB chargers for added functionality, replicating the home environment and adding an extra element of comfort for guests. The Loox system can also be connected to a Bluetooth module, allowing guests to play music through speakers that fit into cabinets or other furniture, once again helping them create a room tailored to their preferences and mood.

Smart, integrated lighting design is a simple and effective way to add those all-important finishing touches and really enhance your guests’ stay, encouraging them to book again, leave glowing reviews or recommend your business to a friend. With this in mind, LED lighting design and technology should be considered in the initial design or when upgrading the interiors to make sure your hotel offers a premium and enjoyable experience to guests.