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4 & 5 October 2022


Hotel Technology Trends | Upcoming Innovations

A new breed of hotel technology will be upon us by 2020, which comes with no surprise considering the advancements in technology that are consistently outgrowing even our expectations. So what is this new breed of hotel technology? Of course, it boils down to Smart Hotels and the technology connectively enhancing the guest’s experience. Below are some of the upcoming innovations which will be happening in the next year!

Facial Recognition Technology 

Perhaps one of the most futuristic on this upcoming list is facial recognition. This technology is still very new, however many consumers are becoming accustomed to it, particularly in terms of smartphone security. Marriott in China already have facial recognition check-in, and by 2020 it’s predicted that facial recognition will be implemented in more hotels as the technology gets better. There are many benefits to this innovative technology, such as enhanced levels of security and privacy, new forms of electronic purchasing verification, and more.


This is a very excitable word, being commonly associated with the future, however, it’s now becoming associated with the present. Hotel technology is relying more and more on increasing the capabilities of robots regarding accommodations and guest services. More commonly in the form of pods as opposed to human-looking robots, this technology is being used to store and transport guest luggage, enabling travellers to experience hands-free navigation. They may not look like humans, however, they’re beginning to act like them, by performing basic tasks such as answering common customer queries and providing room service. In fact, if you’re looking for a real-life example, you should check out Alibaba’s ‘Future Hotel’ which is fully staffed by literal robots! Of course, it goes without saying that these run alongside humans and acts as assistants as opposed to replacing humans altogether.

Artificial Intelligence

How do the above systems function? That’s right, AI - arguably the most profound example in the way hotel technology is developing. Streamlining the guest experience and their overall stay is the ultimate objective of artificial intelligence, and AI allows for the personalisation of the whole guest experience from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave. What’s more, AI allows for more effective and targeted marketing techniques, as well as for collating and specifically interpreting guest data just to name a few.  By 2020, AI will continue to thrive and play a key role in hotel technology offering guests that tailored experience. 


We’ve all used them and for good reason. They’re beginning to revolutionise hotel technology with its associated amenities even further! Offering guests a whole host of options such as a streamlined method for confirming a reservation, a tailored way to build brand recognition and loyalty, hyper-personalised search criteria and results and more. One way in which chatbots are advancing is through understanding different dialects which will eventually lead to higher booking rates and a much better return on investment.

It’s evident that all of the above technology is here to stay, and these examples shine the spotlight on what consumers are to expect within the next year. 

In order for an establishment to stay up-to-date, it's a must to ponder the question, “how smart is my hotel?” and adapt the above into their business.