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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


One Face, One Style – Taking the Consultancy Approach to Holistic Room Design

Hotel guests place great value on two factors – a room that wows in terms of design and a room that is fully functional and easy to stay in. One is little use without the other. A room can look visually stunning but if access is interrupted or the space is awkward to navigate then the overall guest experience is diminished.

The challenge for hotel groups is the sheer choice of styles, finishes and control solutions available. Additionally, many groups want style choices to be mirrored throughout the whole space – not just in guest bedrooms. From entrance areas to storage space, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, coordination and consistency is key.

 Working with experts can provide hotel clients with clarity and consistency, resulting in designs that look outstanding and which deliver an effortless and user-friendly experience for guests. This is more than simply specifying products. There is a real skill in understanding the holistic vision – taking a step back from the product detail to understand the over-arching design aim and ambition. Once this is understood, every step of the design journey is supported – from product specification, preparation of priced schedules, on-site training to ongoing after-sales support.

Häfele has carefully curated a selection of its solutions to create the hotel assortment, products specifically chosen for their suitability to the sector. In this way, architects and planners are able to achieve design consistency down to the tiniest detail. Crucially, the assortment offers solutions for every budget level.

Clients want choice. And amongst that choice must be solutions that embrace the very latest trends and developments in hotel design. First impressions count, and where guests are concerned first impressions of a room are gained on opening the door to enter the room. Solutions such as the Dialock DT710 advanced door locking and identification system – which is enabled via mobile Bluetooth – create immediate impact. 

Micro-living and ingenious use of available space is another hot trend, encapsulated by Hafele’s More Life Per M² brand messaging. The hotel sector is embracing this thinking with solutions such as sliding doors, hidden safe storage and clever bathroom fittings. 

Lighting is another critical consideration. Modular LED lighting is integrating with hotel furniture such as headboards, plinths, and mirrors to further enhance the guest experience. Solutions such as Hafele’s Loox system are effortless to control, providing sophisticated emphasis and helping guests with orientation. 

Consultancy means just that – a partner to consult with on design discussions, planning, technical advice and after-sales service. The look and feel of the room is the end result of a shared journey and a shared vision. The ultimate beneficiaries are your guests – and the reputation of your brand.

On the Häfele stand at Hotel360 will be members of the Häfele Projects 360° Team whose expertise is geared towards helping hotel sector clients of every size create functional, creative and profitable solutions.

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