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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


Why You Should Use Hotel Marketing Companies



Need more hotel bookings? Need a strategy that will increase your revenue? Need your hotel name out there for more potential customers to see? Then there’s nothing you need more than a hotel marketing company! Why? Take a look at their incredible benefits:

No Commission

Using big online booking companies is all well and good...until it comes to their commission! Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Thousands of hotels lose out on major revenue through commission fees to booking agencies - which is a huge reason to make the switch to a marketing company! No commission payouts, no unfair fees, but still great results! We know what you’re thinking; this sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! It really is the case, most marketing companies charge a fixed price for the work they do, even if bookings are sky high!

They Connect With Your Target Audience

One of the fantastic benefits of using a marketing company to promote your hotel is their ability to directly connect with your target audience and potential customers. Technology is shaking up the hotel industry, and through the form of Google Ads, social media and more, they have the tools to create and run bespoke, personalised marketing campaigns that deliver to a desired pool of people. For example, did you know that the abandonment rate for booking hotels online is 75%? Yep, a massive three quarters of people start the booking process but never complete it - that’s a lot of potential missed revenue! So, what can hotel marketing companies do about it? They can create ads who target these people, reminding them of the booking they started and prompting them to finish the checkout process. Now that’s how to increase hotel bookings!

It Saves You Time And Money 

Time is money, and let’s face it, no-one has much time on their hands these days, especially in business! So why waste hours trying to promote your hotel when a marketing company can do it all for you? Covering everything from google search to social media, they’ll take the big hotel-marketing-shaped burden off your shoulders, allowing you more time to focus on your business! Social media marketing has become such a prominent part of the hotel industry, and although there are lots of great social media tips available for hotel owners, it’s really something that needs to be kept on top of 24/7! So if you’re struggling to find the time to post, or aren’t making the most of the platforms available, using a hotel marketing company is a must!

They’re Professionals 

We’ve all seen those in-house marketing fails, and many of us like to think we know it all in the world of promotion, but the truth is hotel marketing companies know their stuff. In fact, they know it very well. Marketing is definitely a case of “leaving it to the professionals” as their experienced team can ensure you’re targeting the right audience and can market not just your hotel, but its location too. Combining a mixture of social media, email, blogging, SEO and targeted marketing together - the potential is endless! With new hotels opening every year, mixed with the already crowded hospitality industry, it’s time to properly get your hotel name out there. 

We’re thrilled to have a number of fantastic hotel marketing agencies exhibiting at Hotel 360 this year! Grab your FREE tickets and join us on the 18th or 19th September 2019 to meet the hotel marketing experts that will put you on the map.

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