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28 & 29 SEPT 2021


How technology is shaking up the hotel industry

Smart Devices 

Not only do smart devices give guests a lot more control over their preferences when staying in a hotel, they also increase efficiency whilst minimising energy costs. Devices such as lighting, heating, blinds, and even the kettle can be adapted with minimal human intervention. This makes the experience a lot more personalised for the guest, ensuring they leave having had the best stay possible. 

Robot Takeover 

Robots have increasingly been making their mark in the hotel industry, used to answer queries, carry luggage and deliver room service. The focus has definitely been on making them more customer friendly, trying not to massively detract from a personalised experience. With quite a few hotels in Japan already adopting this digital trend, it’s one that is bound to spread.

Recognition Services 

Speeding up processes within the hotel industry are facial, fingerprint and retina recognition services. Facial and retina recognition can be used when checking out of a hotel and for entering your room without a key, with fingerprint recognition serving to speed up payment. These technological advancements are increasing time and efficiency in the hotel industry. 

Virtual Reality Tour 

Virtual reality tours are taking customers on a personalised journey, specifically targeted at their hotel wants and needs.  This means they are able to experience the hotel from afar,  leaving no room for concern and prompting an easier decision-making process. 

Augmented Reality 

This is a creative way for guests to get a deeper understanding and experience of what’s located in their hotel surroundings. For example, if there is history linked to the hotel, this can then be highlighted on an app with augmented reality. This is likely to become a much more creative aspect within the hotel industry as technology continues to advance even further.


Chatbots are now widely used to deal with simpler tasks, such as responding to queries. They are used online for customer convenience with some hotels using them to respond to questions verbally. Staff are still being used for more difficult and urgent tasks that need resolving, however, the use of chatbots is definitely set to increase with the rise of technological innovation.