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19 & 20 October 2022


Vamoos Ltd

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Vamoos, the app for travel companies, helps create exceptional experiences by bringing any trip to life with all the information their clients need at their fingertips. It adds excitement before and during their travels, and increases customer loyalty and satisfaction to keep them coming back. Vamoos can be branded and set up in minutes, and allows its clients to create completely bespoke travel experiences.


Bring a trip to life before it even begins

Create excitement for your clients as soon as they book with beautiful imagery, a countdown timer. Use Vamoos app to take them to the places they are yet to explore. 

Everything your clients need at their fingertips 

Let your clients to access their itineraries, hotels, excursions, flights in one place. Anytime. Anywhere. All available offline.

Bespoke travel experiences

Make the app as personal or as generic as you wish based on the information your clients want.

50% higher rebooking rates and increased customer loyalty

Provide an amazing customer experience, one that travellers stay loyal to and recommend to friends and family.

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