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19 & 20 October 2022


Skypath Aero

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Skypath Aero products meet the needs of a diverse group of clients that operate in the Aerospace, Transport, Hospitality, and Industrial sector.

Our mission is to offer high quality, certified personal protective equipment and sanitation products which meet the latest regulations and standards, ensuring Health and Safety is at the forefront of every product we can supply.

We are an ever-adapting company that can meet the `one-stop-shop` demands of any business.

Underpinned by years of experience in the Aviation industry, Skypath Aero range of specialist cleaning and sanitation products utilises the latest advances in biocidal technology and deliver a broad-spectrum, long-lasting, anti-microbial control.

Exhaustive testing of our products has resulted in an impressive list of approvals, which demonstrate the quality and robustness of the Skypath Aero product range to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of health and hygiene assurance.

Innovation has been the key to the success of our products. Expertise in the development of cleaners, sanitisers and associated application equipment has allowed our customers to achieve significant cost benefits, due to both the low concentrations required and the residual effect of the products.

Our Product Range:


Face Shields

Aprons & coveralls

Gloves (Nitrile & Vinyl)

Room Sanitizers (long-lasting, up to 7 days)

UV Solutions

Disinfection products for Personal use and surfaces

Tel: 0044 7870 474088 (UK)

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