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19 & 20 October 2022


Servr hotels

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Servr is an absolute game-changer for the hospitality industry! Servr brings your hotel to the future by fully digitizing your hotel, Servr provides hotels with the world's easiest to use hospitality app that equips your guests with an all-in-one concierge, right on their phone. With 0 set up time and 0 set up fee, and offering your guests: - Online contact-free check-in, in under 1 minute - Automatically translated live chat - Room service orders - Booking tables & fully digitized menus - All concierge services - And much more! Servr has helped hotels partnered with us during this crisis by allowing hotels to open and operate with greatly reduced costs as well as providing your guests with a much safer, and hygienic, contact-free stay.

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