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11 & 12 MAY 2021


Kada Coatings Ltd

Kada Coatings are market leading when it comes to Green technology and safety coatings.

Kada Coatings are a local company in South Wales providing innovative and quality coatings that are designed to protect a wide range of surfaces, while having minimal environmental impact.

The Kada Coatings Safe Tread system is a market leading slip resistant coating. Fully certified and independently tested, it is designed to ensure that accidents caused by slips, trips and falls are minimised. Their coatings are ideal for use in high risk areas such as wet areas of hotels, hospitals, leisure centres and care homes

The Kada Safe Tread coating is applied retrospectively, so is perfect to apply to baths, shower trays and other slippery floor surfaces to help prevent slipping and falling. It is the only the safety surface coating available in Europe that is specifically designed to provide enhanced slip resistance in `delicate` areas where aesthetics and safety are paramount, and that won`t damage the surface.

The Safe Tread System uses an advanced technology which is a 100% solids liquid, and acid-free so it won`t damage the surface it is applied to and is virtually free from volatile organic compounds (VOC), solvents and other nasty chemicals.

The Kada Safe Tread system is easy to apply, has minimal odour, a short drying time (meaning that down time is minimal), don`t wear off or `lift` from the surface, and is dirt and stain repellent. The Steritouch makes it anti-microbial, meaning that the surface is not susceptible to the growth of MRSA, E-Coli and Pseudomonas and other bacteria. It is available in a range of UV stable colours, and you can choose from a range of standard or customised template patterns to suit your needs.

The kits are easy to apply, and the surfaces can be safely installed by your own maintenance teams, or by the Kada Coatings staff. Each kit comes with all the components necessary to install the system, including pre-cleaning materials and gloves, as well as instructions and all Material Safety Data Sheets.

Kada Coatings also have a range of Nano-technology coatings that can be applied to surfaces such as glass, metal, paintwork, ceramics, wood, textiles, and so much more. Their Kada Nano technology products which are invisible to the naked eye, coat the required surface to improve the properties of the product, and ensure they are better adapted to more rugged or extreme environments. The treatment can protect surfaces from pollutants, insects, salt build-up, rust, dust and industrial contamination to name a few. The Nano Bionic doesn`t contain silicone or other pollutants, allows the surface to `breathe` and is extremely durable. In fact, the surface becomes much easier to clean, and repels water and dirt.

Tel: 01633 289080

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