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19 & 20 October 2022


John Wilmans Photography

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Telling the story of your hotel with emotionally impacting photography.

It's a well-known fact that one of the most important things in the hospitality industry is the first impression.

With the digital world reaching an all-time high it's not uncommon for the first impression to be one of your visual pieces of content found online. How important are visuals for your business?

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Pinterest generated more referral traffic for businesses than Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.

Since the first impression is made within a 7 second window, and the noise from visual media online is growing by the minute, you need to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is to showcase your latest Interior Design project, your Hotels unique selling points or your Restaurants Luxurious setting, the well thought out, designed and created photograph will always take the lead.

So just take a moment. Look around. What makes your space unique? Is it the personalised treat on the pillow of your hotel? The way the light falls just so through those windows highlighting that architectural feature. The view off the balcony of that spa? You want to capture the full length of the experience. What do all of these have in common? The personalised treat, the view or the interplay of light and shadow create an emotional impact. That is what I am looking for in my images. Every. Single. Time.

Some photographers are `natural light` photographers. Some use Strobes. Some light paint. That is their niche. Their calling card. Not me. I do what is best for that space based on your brand and my brief. If I need to photograph that open deck using natural light. No problem. How about that dark ballroom...Light painting for that. Grey, overcast day ruining the sun that should be flowing through those floor to ceiling windows? Perfect. I will create that light.

So, what`s your story? Do your clients understand this through your existing visuals? Are your images consistent through your brand? I build relationships with my clients so you keep coming back to me. Not only is this better for your brand consistency, it`s better for your peace of mind, and obviously for me. By getting to know each other, we learn about what we each want and need, and we learn to work together more effectively and efficiently. So, let`s build a relationship that helps you tell your story consistently, effectively and beautifully.

So, get in touch. Tell me your story. Let`s tell it to the world together.

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