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19 & 20 October 2022


Hydro Genie Systems

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How to significantly reduce carbon emissions in the hospitality sector.

Keeping the heating on in the colder weather is essential. A warm, cosy environment is expected by guests when they check-in to stay and enjoy the facilitys. A cold hotel, Bed & Breakfast or airBnB could quickly see its TripAdvisor ratings go down.With high central heating and hot water requirements the industry still face the next challenge, how to reduce carbon emissions and help tackle the climate crisis. According to the Carbon Trust, just the hospitality and leisure sector accounts for over a third of the UK’s energy consumption! Heating and hot water which is so important to a guest’s overall experience, is one of the key contributors to carbon emissions from hotels. Heating and hot water costs can also account for up to 60% of a hotel’s energy costs. With everyone now more aware of the climate emergency, clients are taking in to consideration the environmental changes, hotels have made before booking.So, how do you keep up with the heating and hot water demand, and at the same time reduce carbon emissions and running costs, all while still trying to make a profit?Newly launched to market, The Commercial Hydro Genie System is a retro fit, carbon reduction solution, for existing commercial boilers, burning fossil fuels.The Hydro Genie System provides boilers with a much more efficient way to transfer the heat from the boiler to the circulating fluid, Dramatically reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption.Retro-fitted to the pipe work from existing fossil fuelled boilers, the Hydro Genie System enhances the heat transfer from the boiler to the circulating fluid. Using proven patented technology. The Hydro Genie System removes rust and sludge in its magnetic dirt collection tube.Tests carried out by Strathclyde Eco-Innovation Unit, on a large secondary school, using a 150mm Platinum Hydro Genie System, recorded a reduction of 39% in carbon emissions and gas used.All of our Commercial Hydro Genie Systems can be installed using servitised leasing, through our commercial finance partner, this allows the systems to be fully installed, with no up front cost. 

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