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19 & 20 October 2022


GDP Compliance Ltd

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GDP Compliance Ltd “Makers of Good Disinfectant Products” is a UK-based company with a team of highly skilled and experienced pharmaceutical and technical professionals collectively with over 450 years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Our brand “Aseptic”, includes a range of skin friendly alcohol free products including Foam Hand Sanitiser, Moisturising Sanitiser Gel, Hand and Surface Wipes, and Surface Sprays.  

Alcohol based sanitisers provide effective protection vs bacteria and enveloped viruses, but over time can exacerbate skin issues including dryness and cracks. This is particularly problematic in frequent use situations, where skin can become sore and irritated. Alcohol Free alternatives provide excellent sanitising performance, are compliant with HSE guidance for supply and manufacture, and can help avoid skin issues associated with frequent use. What’s more, thanks to the absence of alcohol, such formulations are not flammable making them safer to both manufacture and store. 

We also manufacture white label products promoting your Hotel’s branding with bespoke alcohol based or alcohol free formulations.  Your Hotel can benefit from the excellent quality provided by our highly effective formulations together with your own branding, colours and label design.

All our products are UK made ensuring availability and supporting British industry.  

Our products are fully compliant with UK regulations and are independently tested in UK labs.

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