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11 & 12 MAY 2021


EV-ON Energy

EV-ON Energy was established with one purpose in mind, to help the world transition into a greener future. With electric cars reducing carbon emissions by 54% being the reason for some countries have announced a ban on petrol-powered cars, electrical vehicle charging points are going to be needed a lot more frequently in the near future. This is why EV-ON Energy has provided a solution to this increase of electrical vehicles. These charging solutions will be available for at home use, for businesses and companies and for public use, there will also be DC charging solution which consists of a fast charging solution of up to 25 minutes. We are able to help from the point of instillation and online integration of each station to the tracking and billing of each station. With a 24/7 helpline we are able to operate and help every customer with their charging station.

Tel: 02078 879 991

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